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Micro- and macrofossils preserved and exposed in the Yedoma cliff (picture below) of Sobo-Sise were examined to reconstruct paleo-environmental conditions of the last ice age since about 52 000 years ago.

paleo ecology of the eastern Lena Delta in NE Siberia outcrop

Fossil pollen reflect tundra-steppe vegetation that maintained the late Pleistocene Mammoth fauna.

paleo ecology of the eastern Lena Delta in NE Siberia mammoth

Part of it was the woolly rhinoceros, which has now been identified for the first time in the Lena Delta. Fossil head capsules of chironomid larvae were used to reconstruct the mean July temperature which revealed warmer summers than today for several periods between 51 000 and 41 000 years ago. The study extends earlier Yedoma studies on the paleo-ecology of eastern Siberia and relates to ongoing research on Sobo-Sise:
by Fuchs et al. (2020) and by Wetterich et al. (2020).


The whole study can be found here.

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