TUNNGAVIK - Permafrost and Construction Workshop at Greenland Science week

The Greenland Science Week takes place between December 1-5 with a variety of activities focusing on research dissemination, cultural events and networking. Drawing on the past years’ success of the Polar Research Day held in Denmark until 2018, the GSW is based in Nuuk, Greenland.

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Nunataryuk partner DTU, together with partners from projects AALM4INFRAM (funded by ESA) and Tarajulik (funded by NIS) organizes a workshop on Arctic infrastructure during the science week. The workshop is entitled "TUNNGAVIK - Strong foundation and knowledge base for the future" and will share and discuss the experiences and challenges with infrastructure in permafrost areas in Greenland. Questions to be considered include, Who and to what extent is permafrost factor in current design, construction and maintenance practices? What are the knopwledge gaps? How can industry, the public sector and reserach community collaborate to improve adaptation capacity and reduce costs?