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 The terrestrial Permafrost team has arrived in Inuvik on Tuesday the 29th of July. Preparations for the Komakuk Summer Expedition 2019 are progressing fast. Tents, camping equipment, soil and water sampling equipment and other scientific gear is being checked and inventoried thoroughly before being weighed and stored for the twin otter fight.

Envi herschel 1

Packing and checking equipment at ARI.

Food shopping needs good organization and partly also some spontaneous improvisation in terms of spices and ingredients, even though the markets here offer almost everything.

Envi herschel 2

Enough lentil stew for the next 3 weeks ;-)

Last sampling details are discussed and finalized, as well as sampling protocols adjusted as well as lab space in ARI arranged before the team will leave to the field site. Permafrost soil samples will be taken from the active layer and up to 30 cm below the permafrost table. Samples will be analysed for C and N content, as well as C isotopic composition by Luca, Willeke and Julia from Stockholm University under the lead of Gustaf Hugelius. Moreover, microbial work will be done by Victoria at ARI and University of Vienna to determine soil microbial respiration rates, growth rates biomass and other microbial activity parameters. Moreover, Stockholm University will have a strong focus on root and vegetation sampling this summer. Niek from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will investigate C export from permafrost soil into the aquatic systems, sampling sampling both soil and stream water. Rachele from CNR will focus on persistent organic pollutants in permafrost soils and surface waters.

Envi herschel 3

From front to back and left to right: Rachele, Luca, Niek, Vicky, Peter, Willeke, Gustaf and Julia (unfortunately Frankie is not on the picture)

Soon heading off to fieldwork at Komakuk beach. The team is already looking forward and sends sunny greetings home from Inuvik!


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