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Diaries from the field

This week we finished our field campaign, prepared our departure from Herschel Island and flew back to Inuvik.

The Takuvik-AWI team successfully completed the first WP4 expedition. A fortunate stroke of serendipity? Undeniably. But beyond that, the expedition boasted an unbelievable streak of sunny days and a hard-working and seasoned team.


The gear is on the move!

After a rushed session of box filling, stacking, identifying, enumerating and wrapping, the scientific gear for the 4 expeditions linked to the Nunataryuk WP4 “Coastal Waters” project is finally on the move.

For the second half of our expedition, the composition of our team has changed somewhat. Andreas Richter and Louis-Philippe Roy left on April 25, and Hugues Lantuit came in instead. This change had been coordinated with the rangers’ crew change flight.

The countdown before the ultimate lift off has begun. Six team mates. Five airplane take-offs and landings. Four pieces of luggage each. Three different nationalities. Two days of travelling. One unifying goal.

The purpose of the Nunataryuk field visit to Ilulissat and Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland was to host local consultations and start conducting interviews with key stakeholder on the topics of coastal community planning, infrastructure, natural resources, local economy, health and wellbeing, adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Last week everything went according to our meticulously prepared plan. This week the reality of doing field work in remote places of the Arctic gripped us. Open water north of Herschel Island is creating persistent fog and low clouds around the island. As there are no trees around, this means white ground, white skies and white in-between with occasional snow flurries.

Up here in the North, the spring field season has started and we are busy preparing the Nunataryuk Expedition Yukon Coast 2019 Spring.

In February 2019, members of the Nunataryuk WP4 “Coastal Waters” team conduct a tour of the Northwest Territories communities involved in the field campaigns planned this year: Inuvik, Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk in Canada.

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